The ranch is a relaxing break from the city.

Trail rides are along the dry San Diego river bed in the soft sand, through the trees,  with nearby ponds.  We are also close to the  Lakeside River Park Trails, which are available for public access trail riding, where you can see the river, a golf course, and shady trees.

Our horses are friendly and calm and do not try to scare you out on the ride :-)) If you are taking a trail ride, we will take time to make sure you are both comfortable before going out and so allow a few extra minutes for getting acquainted with your horse and proper tack adjustment.

Your trail guide will assist you with your horse if necessary. Click here for more info on what to bring, wear, etc..Trail rides typically last 1.5 hours. Beginner riders usually start with a half hour mini lesson in the arena before going on a one hour trail ride.

More advanced riders may just warm up a few minutes in the arena and then spend the remainder of the time on trails. 
You may bring a picnic lunch with you to enjoy at our picnic area /

Be sure to bring  water or something to drink and a camera to take some pictures!


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