First Time?  Here is what you need to know:


  • You will need to sign a release waiver and fill out any necessary forms when you arrive.  You can also down load them here and bring them with you.

  • Please try to have the correct amount of payment, if you need to get change or cash from the
    atm across the street, please do so before your ride.

  • We accept cash, check, (with id)  or . We don't directly accept credit cards at this time.

  • The minimum age for a riding lesson is 6 yrs old.

  • Minimum age for a guided trail ride is 10 yrs.  

  • Please allow some extra time for getting the horses ready and saddle fittings.

  • You may bring treats such as carrots or apples to feed the horses after the ride..

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, appropriate footwear. Do not wear clothes that are too loose
    or too tight.

  • Leave your bags and personal items locked in your vehicle. 

  • Pictures may be taken before or after riding but do not carry bags  while riding. Cell phones are allowed and encouraged, but please refrain from talking on the phone while riding.


  • Trail rides are by reservation only. Sometimes you are able to go the same day as you call.

  • You just need to make a deposit using the Paypal button on the homepage of this website. 

  • You will have a trail guide. You must stay with the guide and follow directions.

  • You will mostly be walking on the ride, however if your group rides at a more experienced level, your guide may allow a faster pace or more challenging ride.

  • All rides will be at a pace that all riders are comfortable with, no faster.

  • For safety reasons, it is recommended young children take lessons before trail riding.

  • Do not follow too closely behind another horse, keep horses about a horse length away from
    each other. This prevents squealing, biting, kicking, and "tail gating".  

  • Do not allow your horse to eat along the way of the trail.

  • No screaming, dare deviling or goofing off such as racing or bolting allowed. 

  • Never rush up behind another horse and rider as you may startle or spook the horse and the
    rider may fall, it is also poor riding etiquette.

  • Always walk your horse when riding back towards the stables, otherwise horses can become what is known as "barn sour".  Rushing  in the direction of home becomes an unsafe habit.

  • We do allow more experienced riders to go a little bit faster if all riders are  in agreeance.

        We look forward to providing you with a fun filled, positive experience around horses.
        Please give us a call in advance to schedule a trail ride or lesson.  




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