Riding Lessons

We invite you to take riding lessons with us. Here is some brief info.

Learning: Our lessons are based upon your individual goals and desires. You will discuss these with your riding instructor who will customize your lessons for you. Emphasis is placed upon solid foundational riding skills, correct position, confidence, and balance.  These can be valuable in any avenue of riding you choose to pursue. 

Time: We do not have a set schedule, we work around yours. Lessons can be scheduled any day of the week.

Frequency: The more often you come out to ride, the quicker you will learn. Most students choose once or twice a week for their lessons. 

Leasing : Intermediate to advanced students usually find that leasing one of our horses is an economical way to go and gives you the experience closest to horse ownership without the commitment.  See here for more info on leasing. 

Please call ahead to reserve your lesson times.  

Private lessons are preferred for beginners.  The minimum age for riders is 6 years old. 


Private Lessons

  • Single, private         $50

  • Pkg of 5                    $225

  • Pkg of 10                 $450

Semi-Private Lessons

  • Per person             $40

  • Pkg of 5                   $175

  • Pkg of 10                $360

          Semi Private lessons consist of 2 or more riders.

Bring a friend and save!  Call us now to make a reservation  619-823-9945

Group Lessons

Riders may have to divide into smaller groups or take turns riding if we do not have enough

horses for all riders to ride at the same time. We have friendly horses with versatile dispositions and they enjoy being ridden, we do not over work them. 

   There is a picnic/BBQ area which is great for  viewing and relaxing.   

   You can also book a party or special event. Please inquire about prices. 

   PAYMENT:  We accept Paypal.com or VENMO.COM  Personal checks (accompanied by valid id),

   The preferred form of payment...cash.  We do not accept credit cards directly, but there is an atm             machine right across the street.  Please use the atm prior to your ride if needed. Thanks.


All riders must sign a Release Waiver. You may download forms to print ahead and bring with you.

Email Here                     Phone: 619-823-9945

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